01 September 2003

My Great and Horrible Weekend ... :-o

Let me just get in to it.

Friday I left late because of having to do some last minute work and Anastasia being pokey. Arrived later that I hoped because of bad traffic. Ended up being over a 10 hour drive! :-( After checking in at the Belle Grae Inn We went over to Father Dionysi's house and stayed for a few hours talking. Anastasia and the girls got along famously.

Saturday morning we went sight seeing in downtown Staunton. Although it is a smaller town, it would take you many days to see all the wonderful sites. This day was not all great though, as I somehow got a flat tire and when walking down a hill, slipped and hurt my head, neck, back and ribs pretty good. I am still pretty sore. :-( Saturday evening we went to vigil and then ate some Long John Silver's which I have missed, living in New England.

Sunday morning, after Liturgy, Anastasia, Helen and Catherine went and walked the Belle Grae Inn dogs, Shiitake and Portabella. Later we met up with Father Dionysi and the girls to do some archery in a nearby park. That evening we had dinner together and made plans for today.

Today Father and I went to the Wal-Mart Distribution Center and I had both my first and second interviews. I think they went okay and hope and pray I get called for a 3rd. Matushka Christina brought Anastasia later and so we all said goodbyes before leaving for home.

The trip home was good except for my taking 2 wrong turns, getting a flat in DC and having to use a donut until Maryland. (I was able to get a new tire rather put on my car quickly in Maryland thanks to the Maryland Visitors Center and Firestone -- A big THANK YOU to both!). Unfortunately I tore the pants I was wearing in the process of putting the donut on, which is really bad because Matushka Christina spent hours trying to get the mud and grass stains out of them from my fall on Saturday! (Yeah it was a nasty fall!) So although some bad things happened, Anastasia and I both enjoyed the trip. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us! Please keep them coming!

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