16 September 2003

Stupid Liberal Things That Make Me Mad!

1. The 9th Circuit Court agrees with the NAACP that blacks and hispanics are too stupid to understand punch card voting, so the system is unconstitutional. The Democrats celebrate. When will blacks realize that the racist party is the Democrats? If the system is unconstitutional, then this means that Gray Davis is not constitutionally the governor since it was an unconstitutional practice, right?

2. Some people are allergic to peanuts, so my daughter cannot take peanuts or a peanut butter sandwich to school. I am sure there are people allergic to jelly, to bologna, to cheese, to cotton, why are these things not banned? Oh public school, I remember why I despise thee so!

3. Back to California, Gray Davis decided to allow ILLEGAL aliens drivers licenses. Oh wow, in a time when we are tightening up security, this sure is a smart move to prevent terrorists from having a valid ID to get around America!

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