08 September 2003

Has Hades frozen over?

I am really wondering as I agree with Al Sharpton's words to the Central Virginia Business and Construction Association!
    Sharpton cautioned the Democratic Party that it can't treat black voters as its "mistress" and rebuked rap artists for lyrics that that degrade black women.

    "We must not be in a relationship with a Democratic Party that takes us for granted. We must no longer be the political mistresses of the Democratic Party. A mistress is where they take you out to have fun but they can't take you home to mama and daddy. Either we're going to get married in 2004 or we're going to find some folks who ain't ashamed to be seen with us."

    He took particular aim at rap artists whose violent lyrics refer to women in derogatory terms.

    "To think that we have come down dangerous alleys, that we have traveled through the backwoods of terror, that we have survived beatings, been shot down in cold blood doesn't give you the right to call your mama a whore."
I never saw that coming! :-o

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