19 April 2007

... and if you do not wake-up first, you DIE!

I call bullocks on this myth. I once had a dream where I was on a very tall structure and I was pushed off or something and I consequently fell to my death. Yes, I died in my dream. My soul got up and just looked at my dead body as people came running up to it. At first I was confused, why did everyone think I was dead? Then I realized it was because I was dead. What a weird feeling. Anyway, at least for me*, I can die in my dreams and still awake to find myself alive, albeit a little bit freaked out.

Of course, supposedly due to allergies, I have always had weird dreams. Once when I was about 7, I was having a dream where a monster was killing and eating many of my friends on the street I lived on. Suddenly a translucent staircase appeared and I ran up it and opened the door at the other end. Opening the door made me wake up for a split second.

I instantly was back asleep and closing the door in my dream. I ran down the stairs and yelled at all of my friends that it was okay, they could let the monster eat them, because this was nothing but one of my dreams.

They did not seem convinced. Then again neither would I if anything similar ever happened in real life. LOL!

*Your mileage may vary, so please do not attempt this and blame me if you die. You sleep and dream at your own risk.

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