19 April 2007

Most things get better with time, why not handwriting?

Chen SiFang, one of the people in China I communicate with, is trying to learn English, and has me write emails in English, and has those emails translated in to Chinese and uses them to learn English. Then Chen SiFang will write me back and have the reply translated back in to English and studies both copies to learn even more.

In April I added some fun to the communication by sending a postcard from a local tourist area to SiFang every Monday. The first one just arrived today. I wrote the address in Chinese and English to ensure both the USPS and Chinese Post Office could deliver it.

I was afraid my Chinese would be very bad, but in fact Chen SiFang said that my Chinese writing was better than most Chinese people, and that I must practice often. LOL! Actually it was my first time writing Chinese, but it took me a long time, so perhaps that is why it was so good: I took my time writing it to key the Chinese characters. Much like how many elementary school students have such nice printing, but when they are adults it is very bust again.

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