13 April 2007

Disasters that God Allows and Introspection of Sinful Lives

When Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker Russian Orthodox Church (ROCOR) burned down in Stratford, CT, one thing that really touched me was how the pastor of the Church mentioned that God allowed it to happen because of their own sins. This humbleness really shows how Orthodox Christians always are looking to improve themselves and should quickly admit their sins.

Although I know of no major sins involved in that church fire, I have heard of other churches that have burned down and through investigations sins have come out like a priest secretly dating a parishioner and other uncanonical acts.

It all reminds me that when misfortune falls on me to think what I could do to better my life and what sins I may be guilty of and things I should change. And of course, never try to cover up or lie about what gets exposed because of an incident that God allowed to happen to us.

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