18 April 2007

Diet and Exercise

Recently, I have lowered my caloric intake in order to lose weight. I likewise am exercising regularly to help in this. Since I have been limiting my meals (not including drinks) to 300 calories or less and eating 4 meals a day (it is recommended that I eat 5 or 6 meals, but I just cannot do that!). So without drinks that takes me to 1200 calories, and with drinks probably 1600 calories give or take 100 calories or so.

Wondering what my caloric intake should be, I used a calorie calculator and it said with light activity, I should consume 2,900-3,100 calories a day to maintain my current weight. As of this weekend I have lost 20 pounds, and clothes are fitting loosely now. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue this diet and new exercise additions. My goal it to be under 200 pounds by Thanksgiving 2007.

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