20 April 2007

I am on the same diet as Rush Limbaugh!

I am no fan of Rush Limbaugh, and only catch a half hour or so after his show after the less-neocon Glen Beck Show is over. Today during that over-run before the alarm-clock-radio went off, someone called Rush to ask how he was losing all his weight so successfully.

Rush declared he was simply eating less. Trying to eat between 1200-1400 calories a day, 800 if he was not hungry a dinner time. Almost the exact same thing as me. Of course, I am adding exercise too.

One thing that Mr. Limbaugh mentioned that might be good for others who diet, is that is almost impossible to lose weight when drinking adult beverages. Alcohol is turned in to sugar which makes insulin. Insulin needs to be made to start weight gain. I am not much of a drinker, and have not even had red or pink wine (my adult beverage of choice)in some time, so it is not something I need to worry about.

The other interesting note that Rush had to say was that the first 7-10 days of the diet are the worst as you usually do not start losing weight until after that with week or two. Most people give up in the first 2 weeks because they do not see immediate results.

He did not say what prompted him to start losing, but he said just one day you realize you need to. It can be caused by a girlfriend, a doctor, a family member, etc. saying something or just experiencing someone going through a weight-caused medical issue, or you just wake up and want to do it.

So I guess for one day, for one segment of the Rush Limbaugh Show, I was a ditto-head. Rush is right in what he said about dieting today folks.

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