10 October 2003

An Excerpt From The Onion Dome

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Ohio Online Orthodox Forum Attracts Retired World Wrestling Star

Former World Wrestling Entertainment star Nick "The Russianator" Bosovich has decided to become Orthodox, based on his experiences on the Ohio Online Orthodox Forum (OOOF). "I used to think Orthodoxy was all old ladies with wool rosaries," explains Bosovich, "Until I realized that those old ladies have canes and they hit people with 'em. Now that's my kinda religion! Then I hooked up with this Ohio Online thing, and these people don't hold no punches! Lemme tell ya, smashin' a chair over somebody's head ain't nothin' compared to what goes on on that there Ohio Forum. I ain't never seen such name-callin', nose-thumbin', face-slappin' and eye-pokin' religion in any church before. Sign me up! This Orthodoxy stuff is for me! Arrrrrgh!"

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