16 October 2003

Wow, Bush must have had a really good speech to the UN!

From Fox News:

"UNITED NATIONS — The United States is poised for victory at the U.N. Security Council (search) as its resolution on the reconstruction of Iraq is expected to get unanimous support.

Syria, which was expected to abstain from the vote Thursday morning, instead will back the measure, a U.N. official told The Associated Press. Earlier in the day, Germany, France and Russia -- the leading opponents to the U.S.-led war in Iraq -- said they will vote in favor of the resolution.

The resolution authorizes a multinational force under U.S. command and calls for troop contributions from other countries. Plus, it seeks "substantial pledges" from the 191 U.N. member states at a donors conference in Madrid, Spain, on Oct. 23-24."

The USA getting Germany, France and Russia on her side and then Syria? Wow, that is amazing!

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