20 October 2003

I am home!

Just got home! It was a good vacation, although south of PA there was very little color in the leaves other than green and brown.

While on the trip, we stopped at the President Woodrow Wilson Museum, but got there too late as the last tour was at 4 p.m. and we got there at a quarter to 5. We did visit the country's largest Confederate cemetery which was both educational and beautiful. (Joe Zollars would have loved this! :-D) There is even a grave with a Russian Orthodox cross on it! Who knew there was such a thing as "OrthoDixie" during the Civil War? At least he fought on the right side! :-D

On the way home I say something that is totally southern hick joke fodder, as a guy in a van pulled over and started quartering out and skinning some fresh roadkill! LOL! I do not think I will ever forget seeing that!

We took a new route back which avoids the major cities and their resulting gridlock. I think next time I make this trip, I will take that route, going North up CT Route 34 to I-84 East and then down Interstate 80. It is further in distance, but faster over all.

Well, time for my heating pad to go on and for me to lie down. Thank you to all that prayed for us on this trip!

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